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Question: How Do I Exit Asus Bios Setup Utility

by Alicia M. Amezcua

Try the following and see if this resolves the issue: In the Aptio Setup Utility, select the “boot” menu, then select “Launch CSM” and change it to “enable”. Then select the “Security” menu and then select “Secure Boot Control” and change to “disable”. Now select “Save & Exit” and press “yes”.

How do I exit the BIOS setup program?

Press the F10 key to exit the BIOS setup utility. Press ENTER to save the changes and leave the Setup Confirmation dialog box.

How do I fix a stuck ASUS BIOS?

Unplug and remove the battery, hold the power button for 30 seconds to remove all power from the circuit, plug it back in and turn it on to see if anything changes.

How do I escape the UEFI BIOS utility?

Press the F10 key to exit the BIOS setup utility.


Why can’t I exit the BIOS?

If you cannot exit the BIOS on your PC, the problem is most likely caused by your BIOS settings. Enter the BIOS, go to Security Options, and disable Secure Boot. Enter the BIOS again, and go to the boot section. Now save the changes and restart your PC.

How do I bypass the BIOS at boot?

EnterBoot BIOS and look for anything related to enabling, disabling, or displaying the boot screen (wording varies by BIOS version). Set the option to disabled or enabled, whichever is the opposite of how it is currently set.

Why is my Asus laptop stuck on the startup screen?

Turn off the laptop (press and hold the power button for 15 seconds until the power light is OFF to force the device to shut down), then press and hold the power button for 40 seconds to disable the CMOS reset to feed. Reinstall the battery (for models with removable batteries) and plug in the AC adapter, then try restarting your laptop.

How do I fix a stuck BIOS?

Solution 5: Clear the CMOS (BIOS). Turn off any peripherals connected to the computer. Unplug the system power cord from the AC power source. Remove the cover from the computer case. Locate the CMOS battery on the motherboard. Replace the battery. Remove the CMOS battery. Wait between 1-5 minutes.

How do I reset my ASUS BIOS?

Enter the BIOS and press F5 for the default setting. Choose Yes, and the BIOS will revert to its default value.

How do I get into the ASUS UEFI BIOS utility?

If it’s hard to catch and the system boots to Windows instead, hold down the Shift key while restarting Windows to open ‘Advanced Startup’ and look under the ‘Troubleshooting’/Advanced options for the ‘UEFI Firmware Settings” to enter the BIOS. 1. Once you have entered the BIOS configuration, go to the tab [BOOT]†

How do I boot into safe mode in UEFI BIOS?

You can use the start menu -> run -> MSCONFIG. Then under the boot tab, there is a checkbox that, if checked, will reboot into safe mode on the next reboot.

What is the ASUS UEFI BIOS utility?

The new ASUS UEFI BIOS is a Unified Extensible Interface that conforms to UEFI architecture and provides a user-friendly interface beyond traditional keyboard-only BIOS control to enable more flexible and convenient mouse input.

How do I get out of the BIOS loop?

Disconnect the power cable from the PSU. Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds. Remove the CMOS battery, wait 5 minutes, and reinsert the CMOS battery. Be sure to connect only the drive where Windows is installed if you installed Windows when you only have one drive on your PC.

How do I change the BIOS settings?

Configuring the BIOS using the BIOS Setup Utility Enter the BIOS Setup Utility by pressing the F2 key while the system performs the power-on self-test (POST). Use the following keyboard keys to navigate the BIOS setup utility: Navigate to the item to be changed. Press Enter to select the item.

How do I reset my BIOS to default?

Reset BIOS to Default Settings (BIOS). Enter BIOS Setup Utility. See Accessing BIOS. Press the F9 key to load the factory settings automatically. Confirm the changes by highlighting OK and then pressing Enter. To save the changes and exit the BIOS Setup utility, press F10.

How do I boot directly into the BIOS?

To access the BIOS on a Windows PC, you need to press the BIOS key set by your manufacturer, which can be F10, F2, F12, F1, or DEL. If your PC goes through the self-test boot to quBooty, you can also enter the BIOS through the advanced recovery settings of the Windows 10 start menu.

Why does my laptop hang on the BIOS screen?

Go to the computer’s BIOS settings that are stuck on the BIOS screen. Change the boot order to run the laptop from a USB drive or CD/DVD. Restart your faulty computer; you can now access it. Also, connect an external drive you can use as storage for the data you recover.

What does fast boot in BIOBoot?

Fast Boot is a footer in the BIOS that reduces your computer’s boot time. When Fast Boot is enaBoot: Boot from the network, optical and removable devices are disabled. Video and USB devices (keyboard, mouse, drives) are unavailable until the operating system is loaded.

Is there a reset button on the Asus laptop?

Laptops do not have a reset button. If the computer is stuck on you, your best bet is to hold the power button down to force shutdown.

How do I boot my Asus laptop into recovery mode?

There are three methods to enter recovery mode. (1) Press the “shift” key on the keyboard and right-click on Restart in the system to reboot. (2) Go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery -> Advanced Startup. (3) If you cannot open the system, press the power button twice to reboot.

Why does my computer freeze on the start screen?

Software failures, faulty hardware, or removable media connected to your computer can sometimes cause the computer to hang and become unresponsive during the boot process. You can use some troubleshooting techniques to fix the problem and get your computer to boot normally.

How do I reset my computer without BIOS?

The easy way to do this, which works no matter what motherboard you have, is to turn the switch on your power supply to off(0) and remove the silver button battery on the motherboard for 30 seconds, reinsert it, turn the power on again, and boot up, it should reset you to factory settings.

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